Tips For Keto Diet Success

Author: Jay   Date Posted:23 June 2021 

A friend of mine who had been complaining about his expanding waistline had recently decided he would go on a ketogenic diet. As a nutritionist I felt it was my duty to give him all the pros and cons of the diet before he set off on his journey. Despite my advice he was on the phone within days of commencing the diet using a rather colorful selection of expletives to describe how he was
feeling on the new “Keto diet”. The rest of the story is not important but the choices you make on this diet may be.
The first stage may not be easy, irrespective of how you feel about the shape of your body, your physiology may feel completely at home. When you reduce your carbohydrate count many biochemical changes occur not the least of which will be liver detoxification. In this phase as through all, stay well hydrated and full of healthy greens either in your smoothies or with many greens powders available now (just watch the carb
A keto breakfast is easy enough to assemble with bacon, eggs, avocado, and keto bread for toast with butter, or full fat yoghurt with nuts or seeds and coconut flakes. You can include a few watermelon balls, strawberries, or raspberries as low carb fruits. A Keto salad for lunch with grilled fish or meat and plenty of greens is a great option. 30g per day in carbohydrates is about your limit and you want to this to be mostly colorful vegetables and greens.
The good news is that Keto foods are more available for your Keto meal plan and can include snacks like Keto bread with avocado and pepitas or sunflower seeds, bone broths with low carb noodles, chicken and vegetables or even Keto Ice Cream with monk fruit caramel flavored topping. 
Fats and protein power this diet so keep an eye on fibre. Whilst nuts and seeds provide a percentage you may find it needs topping up.  
Measuring the PH of urine is the best way to determine when you are in ketosis but after a while you get the feel of it and just know.  Generally, allow 4-6 weeks before the body becomes fully Keto adaptive. 
When comparing the benefits of the Keto diet to other diets, there is no compelling evidence to suggest that Keto diets are any more beneficial for weight loss in the long run. That said, reducing inflammation and doing a system reset to break the carb habit may be the real strength of this diet.  
Experimenting with different diets is fun; the secret to doing this diet well is creativity, thinking about what you can have rather than what to avoid. You may find yourself spending more time in the kitchen preparing but the rewards are worth it. 
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