Hay-Fever Season

Author: Elissa Eastgate- BHSC Naturopathy   Date Posted:30 April 2022 

With the warmer weather approaching, its usually a time for rejoicing, but for some people it can be a season full of constant sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose.

Experts have said this spring will feel worse than the previous seasons, this years winter rains will have caused increased grass growth meaning more pollen in the air than previous years. Melbourne is especially bad for people who suffer from allergies .Some people say it is because of the plane trees, or possibly lack of vitamin D, or both.

Hay-fever is the result of overactive immune system. It is your body reacting to “allergens”, which are normal everyday things for other people, but for some reason, your body perceives them as a threat.

Prepare your body for the hay-fever season and get ahead of your immune response before it gets onto of you.

We can help you balance your immune system naturally, so that it becomes less reactive to these allergens. Herbs such as Albizia, Baical Scullcap and Eyebright can be a lifesaver for allergy suffered, as well as appropriate nutrients such as vitamin C, and Quercetin.




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