Green Smoothie

Date Posted:10 January 2023 

A Green Smoothie a day will help give you a big dose of essential nutrients, and keep a bounce in your step. This easy recipe can be whipped up in a few minutes, giving you a great start with Vitamin A, C, B vitamins and heaps of minerals.


– 1/2 ripe large avocado
– 2 peeled kiwi
– 1/8 cup lime juice
– 1/8 cup -1/4 cup of aloe juice

– 1 tsp of Lifestream Ultimate Greens Powder 200g​
– 1 - 2 tsp of honey (make it vegan with maple syrup or rice malt syrup)
– handful of ice cubes


Place all the ingredients in a blender. Cover. Start on low speed, increasing to high speed. Blend it up until creamy and smooth. Enjoy straight away

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