Copycat Bounty Bars

Author: Paleo Hacks   Date Posted:22 October 2019 

These paleo versions of a Bounty Bar are the perfect Halloween swap. Incredibly simple to make, no baking required and an unbelievably delicious result that we think is better than the original! All treat and no tricks with this one

2/3 cup Sweet William Gluten & Dairy Free Baking Choc Chips
2 tablespoons Absolute Organic Coconut Milk
1 teaspoon Chefs Choice Pure Vanilla Extract 
¼ cup Loving Earth Raw Organic Coconut Oil, melted⠀
½ cup Niulife Flaked Coconut, shredded⠀
1 tablespoon Ambrosia Raw Organic Honey

Melt chocolate chips, coconut milk, and vanilla over a double boiler, stirring constantly.⠀
Use a spoon or pastry brush to coat a chocolate mold with melted chocolate. Freeze for five minutes to harden.⠀
While the mold is in the freezer, prepare the filling by mixing melted coconut oil, coconut flakes, and honey together in a bowl.⠀
Remove the mold from the freezer and scoop a spoonful of the coconut mixture into each cavity.⠀
Cover the coconut with the remaining melted chocolate and return to the freezer to set for five minutes, then enjoy!

Recipe adapted (with Sunnybrook products links) from @paleohacks

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