Finding Mindfulness in the Little Moments

Author: Elissa Eastgate   Date Posted:6 May 2020 

I was driving to work the other day, with the window open, sun shining and a warm breeze blowing through the car. I thought to myself, when was the last time I actually paid attention to this? Mostly I drive to work on autopilot whilst my daily coffee attempts to kick in.

It put such a smile on my face, I made a note that I should pay attention more often.

Now I’ll put it to you. When was the last time you actually stopped and checked in with yourself and your surrounds?

Mindfulness to me is the little things.

Learning to stop, take a second, breathe and recognise that it’s not all doom and gloom.

This can be hard for some people who are struggling to juggle parenthood with full time work, for those who have recently found themselves jobless, those suffering with chronic illness or mental health issues, to name a few.

Mindfulness is a chance to take stock of what we do have, to appreciate both our belongings and the things that can’t be bought. Have you noticed that buying items may give you instant gratification, but long term you are still chasing that feeling of reward? Maybe it’s time to fall back in love with that long-forgotten T-shirt in the back of the draw.

Mindfulness  is also a chance to break old habits, to notice any toxic behaviour both within ourselves and in friends/family. To be open and honest with yourself, to carve out new patterns. While sitting with ourselves may be very difficult, changing long-held patterns can bring enormous relief and increase energy levels.

If you need someone to talk to, please take advantage of the mental health care services being offered. The Australian Government is funding counselling for those who require it during this crisis. Consultations are free and done via Telehealth.

What this crisis has taught me is to appreciate the little things. Stop taking everything for granted, switch off your phones, take in your surrounds and really connect to those around you.

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