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Author: Sheridan Lee   Date Posted:5 February 2019 

As our lives seem busy, more stressful and perhaps we’re not experiencing pleasurable and fulfilling things, it can be quite common for us to feel moody and low about life sometimes. Whatever it is that you’re feeling, it can affect your mental and physical wellbeing.

As a practitioner, it is common that we see on our practice clients stressed and suffering from anxiety and depression.

Seeking help from someone experienced in the field is most beneficial, whether it is someone to talk to, or another health care practitioner that can assist with diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Here are my natural go-to suggestions:

Flower Essences- Flower essences are infusions made from the flowering part of the plant submerged in water, which captures the vibrational healing qualities which it offers. Each individual essence has its own unique healing qualities. These energetic vibrations are a catalyst for change and healing on an emotional level. These are easily taken as a liquid and dropped into water which can be sipped on throughout the day or taken morning and night. Click this link for the full range of Australian Bush Flowers Essences & Bach Flower remedies at Sunnybrook 

Vitamin D- A deficiency in Vitamin D is known to be a risk factor for depression, and supplementation has shown to reduce the symptoms by regulating the production of serotonin. Supplementation dosage can be evaluated by a qualified practitioner but try getting out in the morning sun for 20 minutes each day.

Gut Health- The microbiota in our gut plays a major role in many of our day to day body functions and has the ability of producing and delivering serotonin and GABA, those feel-good hormones, to our brain. Certain things such as medications, diet and stress can alter the diversity of the microbiota which can lead to the intestinal walls being damaged. Making sure you eat whole foods, and fresh fruit and vegetables and avoiding processed foods, can assist with creating a healthy environment for our natural good bacteria to flourish. Probiotic supplementation can also help with this, and the right one can be prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

Mindful Meditation- The practice of mindful meditation is associated with decreased levels of psychological distress, and shown reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, worry and anger. It’s so simple and doesn’t require any skills so it can be done by everyone! YouTube has great guided meditations which you can do for 10-30 minutes each day.

At Sunnybrook, we have a range of health care professionals including nutritionists , naturopaths and homeopaths in store every day who can assist you. Feel free to pop in. 


Sheridan Lee

Adv Dip Naturopathy

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