Cranberry Juice - Benefits

Author: Sunnybrook   Date Posted:10 January 2023 

cranberry juice benefits


What are the benefits of cranberry juice ?

Cranberry juice is a full flavoured and refreshing beverage with a range of therapeutic benefits including its high . antioxidant content. Some research also suggests that polyphenol and flavanoids found in cranberry juice may also improve urinary tract health by peventing bacterial adhesions. If you think you have a UTI, its always best to get it checked out by a doctor , in meantime doses of around 240mls of cranberry juice daily is required for prevention, although other studies are not as clear. 

Cranberry tablets are also available in a range of nutritional supplements and could be a good option for those who are uncertain about the taste of cranberry. 

Apart from the flavanoid antioxidant content, cranberry juice contains potassium and a naturally occuring form of vitamin A called beta carotene which is excellent for eye health. 

Other high flavanoid beverages include pomegranate juice which also has some excellent health benefits but with slightly more naturally occuring sugar than cranberry depending on the brand you choose. Pomegranate also has a slightly broader nutritional profile that inludes antioxidants (alpha carotene) and folate.

Cranberry juice has also be identified as a pre biotic food' meaning that it serves as a fuel source for healthy strains of bacteria in your gut. Some believe for this reason , cranberry juice may assist with constipation.

If you are taking prescrition medications its best to consult your doctor or health care professional about the safety of taking cranberry juice with medications. To date there is no significant research to suggest that cranberry is not safe in pregnancy' however those experiencing gastric reflux may need to exercise caution. 

The quality of cranberry juice varies with some fruit juice concentrates containing higher amounts of added sugar' so consider an organic cranberry juice  with no added sugars or preservatives. 

Cranberry juice can also be used as a mixer for mocktails or cocktails. Add a little cranberry to your summer beverage because realxing and having fun is one of the best things you can do for your health ! 










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