Best Gluten Free Cereals

Author: Sunnybrook   Date Posted:14 July 2022 

Best Gluten Free Cereals as rated by a nutritionist.

Starting the day with something nutritional is a good way to meet your daily kilojoule goals and keep cravings under control later on. One of the most important considerations when selecting a cereal is fibre. Adequate amounts of fibre may help with blood sugar control by ensuring a slow release of the energy stored in your cereal. Fibre is also a regulator of digestion; some people may find it helps with bowel function. 

Gluten-Free Cereals now come in many shapes and sizes including alternatives for those who are looking for gluten-free oats. Celiacs can enjoy gluten-free porridge which is made up of a healthy mix of ancient grains like millet, quinoa, amaranth and brown rice flakes. Added nuts and seeds mean there is plenty of fibre. Following is a comparison of half a dozen of our recommended gluten-free cereals. 




Bob's red mill has created a range of premium organic cereals that are gluten and dairy-free, fodmap friendly and tasty. With high protein and low sugar, the buckwheat hot cereal is a good nutritional choice to start the day. 





This particular gluten free porridge is first choice and full of goodness. The high fibre content makes it a good choice



Orgran Quinoa Porridge is approved by the Coeliacs society and offers 4.8g of fibre and protein per serve. With around 1g of fat and even less in sugar, this porridge is prepared in less than 1 min and is a good nutritional start to the day. Adding small amounts of nuts' seeds or fresh fruit and yoghurt makes it something to look forward to when waking. 








Australian-made Brookfarm Gluten Free Porrij is a favourite with our customers and it gets all the nutritional ticks as well. With almonds, and macadamia you get some essential fatty acids' brown rice flakes, and ancient grains like quinoa and millet make a delicious high-protein breakfast cereal with only 1g of sugar per serve. 










For those who prefer a little more crunch in the morning,' the Blend 11 good mix is the ultimate gut health formula. With quality fats from chia, almond and flaxseed" this cereal contains a whopping 9.2g of fibre per serve. Certified organic and around 1g of sugar. As well as being gluten-free this cereal is ideal for those on Monash University's low fodmap diet.  









The Banting food co's cinnamon muesli is made in Australia' high in fibre (4.1g) per serving with less than 1.4g of sugar. Crunchy with lightly baked nuts and seeds it's a good all-rounder whether you are gluten-free' low carb or vegan. It's also suitable for Keto diets. 







Chefs' choice certified organic buckwheat flakes are a good choice for those watching their sugar and fat intake with less than 1g of sugar and low fat. Buckwheat is also a good source of protein with 4.6g per serve in this crunchy breakfast cereal. Add nut milk or yoghurt to create a more flavoursome breakfast treat. 





Adding flakes, puffs or brans' nuts and seeds to your base cereal is a good way to make these nutritional options more economical. You can also make your designer cereal with our range of healthy natural ingredients. Gluten-Free should always be stated on the cereal and look for the Coeliacs society approval label on the packet. 




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