Back to School Flower Essence Blend

Here at sunnybrook we have formulated a flower essence blend specifically aimed at emotional support for both kids and parents as they transition back to school, helping to ease any fears or anxiety that may come up.  This formula is specific for helping to balance emotions such as fear, shyness, overwhelm, distress and co-dependency.

It is easy to take: either 7 drops orally as often as needed, or pop 7 drops in your kids drinkbottle to take to school with them.

Our 'Back to School' blend contains:

Bauhinia:  to help balance resistance to change or rigidity and bring about acceptance and open mindedness.

Bottlebrush: for overwhelm due to life changes.  Helps to let go and adjust to change.

Crowea: For continual worrying.

Dog rose: Helps to ease feelings of being fearful, shy, and apprehensive of others.  Promotes confidence.

Fringed violet: Helps to remove distress.

Monga waratah: For neediness and co-dependency.  Great for helping with separation anxiety.

Tall Mulla Mulla: For those who are fearful of circulating and mixing with others.  Helps to ease this distress and induce relaxation around others.

 Come into Sunnybrook today and ask one of the friendly staff in the dispensary to make you a blend.

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