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Author: Sunnybrook   Date Posted:9 June 2023 

Unveiling the World of Flower Essences: Australian Bush Flower Remedies vs. Bach Flower Remedies

In the realm of natural remedies, flower essences have gained popularity for their potential to support emotional well-being and balance. Australian Bush Flower remedies date back thousands of years and were used by the Australian Aborigines to bring about emotional balance as did the Egyptians. Australia has some of the oldest flowering plants in the world with a wise grounded energy that resonates through the elements.   

Australian Bush Flower Remedies:

Developed by Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Remedies utilize native Australian plants to address emotional imbalances. These essences are derived from the flowers of various Australian plants and are believed to tap into the energetic properties of these botanical treasures. Here are key aspects of Australian Bush Flower Remedies:

Native Australian Plants: The essences of Australian Bush Flower Remedies are sourced from plants indigenous to Australia. They include iconic species like Banksia, Kangaroo Paw, and Waratah, each believed to possess unique vibrational qualities.

Emotion-Based Approach: Australian Bush Flower Remedies aim to address emotional well-being and spiritual growth. They are designed to assist with a wide range of emotional states, such as stress, fear, lack of confidence, and grief.

Connection to Nature and Spirituality: The philosophy behind Australian Bush Flower Remedies emphasizes the connection between humans, nature, and spirituality. These essences aim to restore harmony and balance by aligning individuals with the healing energies of the natural world.

Bach Flower Remedies:

Bach flower essences were rediscovered by Dr Edward Bach around 50 years ago using the flowers of English flowers and shrubs. Dr Bach practiced in London for many years and eventually left his practice to seek and find herbs that would heal the sick. Dr Back taught that the basis of disease was to be found between the disharmony spiritual and mental aspects of a human being and that certain flowers possess unique properties to address emotional states. Here are key aspects of Bach Flower Remedies:

1. English Flowers: Bach Flower Remedies are derived from various flowers found in England, including popular ones like Rock Rose, Clematis, and Impatiens. Each flower essence is believed to carry its own specific healing vibration.

2. Emotional Healing System: Bach Flower Remedies are intended to restore emotional well-being by addressing negative emotions and promoting positive states. The system consists of 38 individual essences, with each essence targeting a specific emotional state or personality trait.

3. Simplicity and Accessibility: Dr. Bach designed Bach Flower Remedies to be simple and accessible to everyone. The remedies are generally safe for self-administration and can be easily combined to address multiple emotional aspects simultaneously.

While both Australian Bush Flower Remedies and Bach Flower Remedies aim to support emotional well-being, there are notable differences between the two systems:

1. Geographical Origin: Australian Bush Flower Remedies focus on Australian native plants, whereas Bach Flower Remedies primarily utilize flowers from England. The different geographical sources bring distinct energetic qualities to each system.

2. Philosophical Approach: Australian Bush Flower Remedies emphasize spirituality and the connection to nature, while Bach Flower Remedies primarily focus on addressing negative emotions and promoting positive states.

3. Number of Remedies: Bach Flower Remedies consist of 38 individual essences, each targeting a specific emotional state. In contrast, Australian Bush Flower Remedies have a broader range of essences, including single flower essences, combination remedies, and even essences from environmental sources like sacred sites and animal energies.

Flower essences, whether Australian Bush Flower Remedies or Bach Flower Remedies, offer unique approaches to supporting emotional well-being. Both systems harness the healing properties of flowers to address imbalances and promote harmony. 

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