Fight the Cold and Flu

Now is the time to boost your immune system naturally!

Scientists have confirmed that bacteria have finally become resistant to even “last resort” anibiotics. It's finally happened!This is an uncertain moment for the medical profession, scientists, and the world at large.

The good news is, herbal and nutritional medicine can still offer effective support for your immune system, especially against viruses, this cold and flu season.

During winter, our body is working harder to keep us warm, and our immune system is receiving less vitamin D from the sun. If you're starting to get the sniffles, consider coming in for one of our Community Clinic consultations.




Community Clinic offers 20 minute consultations with one of our qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, or homoeopaths, for only $10. Let our practitioners prescribe you a personalised herbal formula, practitioner-only products, or an individualised homoeopathic medicine, as well as quality advice for the whole family. Book in for one of our $10 consultations now!

*Community Clinic consultations are for acute ailments only. For chronic or more complex issues, please consider booking in for a full-length consultation.

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