Healthy Gluten Free Snack Ideas

Author: Leanne Marshall   Date Posted:24 August 2018 

Feeling hungry between meals can be a daily occurrence, especially for growing children. Their metabolism is faster than that of adults as their little bodies are constantly needing nutrients and energy for growth.

Finding healthy snacks that are nutritious and gluten-free can be a challenge. At Sunnybrook, we stock a large range of foods that are organic, locally sourced, free of artificial ingredients and yummy.

Here are a few:

Fresh organic fruit like mandarins, apples and bananas are delicious and portable. Veggies like celery and cucumber are great when cut into sticks and eaten with hummus or beetroot dip. Try brands like Organic Indulgence or The Wholefood Kitchen. They are organic, locally made and gluten free. Find them in our fridge, or ask our staff for their recommendations.

Totally Pure Fruits – freeze dried apple, pear or strawberry. They come in small packets, have no preservatives or sugar and are made from fruit grown on the Mornington Peninsula. At Sunnybrook, we think that supporting local growers and manufacturers is vital.

Clever Cookie is a relatively new brand of cookies made with 100% Australian grown linseeds, which are rich in Omega 3  Essential Fatty Acids for healthy brain development. There are two varieties, the plain one is gluten-free, while the sultana variety is not. They are both nut free, so are suitable for school lunch boxes. Snacks like these are nutrient dense, so they tend to be more ‘filling’ for children. Great for morning or afternoon tea, to sustain blood sugar levels and avoid snacking on higher sugar or fatty options.

Blue Dinosaur Paleo bars are made of only 5 ingredients: sulphur free organic coconut, dates and cacao, etc. The super bites are smaller bars, ideal for snack time. Our most popular with children would be the Acai berry. A delicious fruity bar, containing anti-oxidants for good health, especially in winter.

Simply Wize Corn Crunch and The Happy Snack Co. Fava bean snacks are simple products made from single ingredients that have been dry roasted not fried. They are crunchy and lightly salted. Along with DJ & J Vegie crisps, they make a good alternative to potato chips. Vegie crisps are a dehydrated vegetable crisp (either Mixed veg or Sweet Potato Medley) that have 30% less fat than regular potato chips. They are free of MSG, artificial colour, flavours or preservatives.

Seaweed snacks are particularly popular with everyone at the moment. The Honest Sea brand has multipacks in Salt or Sesame flavour, which makes them more economical and convenient.

Finally, don’t forget staples like rice cakes – Pure Harvest thin sesame organic rice cakes are great topped with a slice of cheese, or almond spread or just on their own. Cob’s Natural sea salt popcorn, and Whole Kids Organic Popcorn or Corn chips are a single serve and handy for after school sport. 

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